About Us


UM MEDSOC’s roots can be traced directly to the Medical Society (Medsoc) that was first formed and headed by Mr Goon Sek Mun in 1949, when the King Edward VII College of Medicine and Raffles College were merged to serve the needs of Singapore and the Federation of Malaya, giving birth to the University of Malaya which was located in Singapore.

The rapid growth of the University eventually resulted in the setting up of two autonomous Divisions on 15 January 1959, one located in Singapore and the other in Kuala Lumpur. After the separation of Singapore from Malaysia, the present-day Faculty of Medicine was set up in the Kuala Lumpur campus of the University of Malaya and a separate Medical Society was set up in 1962.

UM MEDSOC remains the oldest medical student organisation and society in the medical fraternity in Malaysia, and continues to strive to contribute to the formation of a vibrant student life on campus, serve as the students’ voice to the Dean’s Office, while acting as a liaison between the University of Malaya Medical Center (UMMC) and students.


We are proud to present to you the pillars by which we work to make relevant positive changes and create a greater impact to us, to the future medical students, to the medical curriculum and to the community as well.


To propel medical students of University of Malaya further in their medical careers, by offering platforms to contribute to the society & catering to the needs of UM medical students

Mission (TRUSC)

1. Transparency: to be transparent in all aspects of execution, documentation & communication towards the members of UM MEDSOC, as well as all collaborators and beneficiaries of UM MEDSOC

2. Relevancy: To carry out activities and programs which are relevant to the current needs of the members of UM MEDSOC

3. Unity: To foster unity & promote a mutual relationship & understanding amongst the members of UM MEDSOC

4. Systematic: To be systematic in terms of the organisational structure of UM MEDSOC & the execution of all its activities

5. Contribution: To enable medical students to have access to avenues that allow them to contribute to societies through various activities and programs through UM MEDSOC

Executive Committee (EXCO)

The Executive Committee are tasked with the ideation of activities and the execution of said ideas. It is only with a passionate team can we then implement new ideas into realisation, fulfil the vision and mission of the organisation, and be able to bring out the best for the medical students and the community.

To get an idea of how UM MEDSOC is structured, see our Organisation Chart below:

EXCO Booklet

We are always on the lookout for passionate, driven individuals to bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to The Society in our bid to continue to further improve and complement the academic life of our medical students. If you’re interested in joining us, this booklet contains everything you need to know about our available EXCO positions, selection criteria, general goals and the task descriptions!

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