Programme Coordinator

Programme Coordinators (PCs) are a newly established position where medical students lead a small working team to raise awareness about focused medical issues by organising various activities such as forums, webinars, and programmes throughout the year. At present, we have 4 PCs who work on the focus areas of Mental Health, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Community-based Activities, and Research and Publication respectively. To keep updated with our PCs’ activities and events, follow the PC Mental Health working team’s Instagram page, or UM MEDSOC’s official Instagram page where the other PC working team updates can be found.


MINDA by UM MEDSOC is a new initiative created by the Programme Coordinator of Mental Health team. It serves as an important platform in raising awareness and educating the public regarding mental health through conducting appropriate mental health programmes and activities.

For more information and updates, visit MINDA’s official Instagram page here:


SERPHealth (SExual and ReProductive Health) seeks to implement the four pillars of advocacy – education, empowerment, equality, and engagement – to inspire conversations, improve awareness, and reduce the stigma around topics of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) among the public, as well as to shine a light on other aspects of SRH that are relevant besides HIV/AIDS.

Research Education and Publication

Research Education & Publication is a Programme Coordinator working team that aims to educate medical students about the importance of research in the medical field along with the various methods of interpreting research papers in the ongoing efforts to promote the practice of evidence-based medicine. One of our primary efforts include the starting of MedRead, a “book club” where like-minded students can gather to discuss and learn more about medical research.

Community-based Activities Team

The Community-based Activities Team is a subdivision under UM MEDSOC that focuses on doing volunteering and humanitarian work with the aim of contributing to society, as well as uniting people regardless of gender, race or religion. We hope to inculcate the value of empathy in medical students, as we believe that by bringing light to the people who are most in need, even if our effort seems like a small drop in a massive ocean, it might leave a big impact in their lives. 

Annual Projects

UM MEDSOC currently has three large scale student-led projects which are held annually, all with different areas of focus and different aims. For more information on the different projects and what they represent, keep on reading below. However, if you’re passionate about another issue that you’d like to bring to attention through the initiation of a new project, click here to find out how you can bring your envisioned project to life!


Baktisiswa is an annual community service programme organised by pre-clinical students under UM MEDSOC. Baktisiswa aims to reach out to the marginalised and underprivileged community by providing healthcare services while imparting the importance of health literacy and education to the people involved by organising a series of activities like health screening, health educational talks, and education empowerment programs. In addition to that, Baktisiswa also aims to promote the spirit of volunteerism to provide holistic development to medical students.


Eradicate AIDS and Stigma for Equality (ERASE) is a medical student-led initiative by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya. We believe in access to quality healthcare for all, including people living with HIV. 

Our objectives are to educate the public about HIV and AIDS to enable them to have a better knowledge of AIDS and HIV, to change the bad perceptions and thoughts towards People Living with HIV, and to create a society that has high awareness towards their role in helping the HIV patients and AIDS patients to continue their daily life as normal human beings.


Gathering of The Great Minds (GOTGM) is an annual event organised by UM MEDSOC in collaboration with the Society of MMA Medical Students (SMMAMS) since 2014. The aim of GOTGM is to connect medical students of different backgrounds to exchange their ideas and broaden their horizons in the evolving field of medicine. Various activities such as seminars, talks, lectures, debates, workshops, and more have been held throughout the years.

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